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Made in Sweden (Ulricehamn & Alingsås)

100% new eco certified wool

Thicker than your normal base layer

Made to be used as a normal t-shirt or thin sweater


Without a doubt the best t-shirt I put my hands on so far in my near 30-year life. Also works excellent as a thinner sweater. Made out of 100% eco certified wool, knitted in Ulricehamn and sewn in Alingsås. All produced locally, here in Sweden! It's knitted as a heavy wool interlock fabric which means you got all the benefits of wool, but in a regular t-shirt. Everybody are always talking about smart environmental choices and this truly is one of those. Wool is a smart material and doesn't need to be washed as often as for example cotton. And don't even get me started on those new plastic materials that often are used in "technical garments". 


I haven't put any labels in the neck, partly because it's more comfortable without but mostly because there is a risk that the seams create small holes in the neck, which reduces the longevity. This t-shirt is made to be used very much and for a long time. It may cost a little more but the money is soon earned back. Look further down to see the specific costs of the garment. Buy fewer but better products!


Size guide (not a fancy one but hopefully helpful):

Chest width (pit-to-pit):

XS: 45cm / S: 48cm / M: 51cm / L: 54cm / XL: 57cm

Center back length:

XS: 69cm / S: 70cm / M: 71cm / L: 72cm / XL: 73cm

WOOL T-SHIRT (long sleeve)

1 399,00 kr Ordinarie pris
999,00 krReapris
  • Wool is a fantastic material that actually washes itself. Hang the sweater outside in the air, instead of washing it. If you were to get a stain, use hand wash. On most modern washing machines, there is a program called something like "hand washing" (30 degrees celcius) - use that one!

  • Undrar du varför det kostar så förbannat mycket?

    Här är vår kalkyl för att få allting att gå ihop. De fasta produktkostnaderna går säkert att kapa om man är en bättre affärsperson och förhandlare, men inte utan att kvaliteten och framför allt marginalerna sviktar hos våra leverantörer. De rörliga kostnaderna för att betala allt runtomkring går säkert också att diskutera men såhär ser det ut i alla fall. Vi står för det vi gör och har inga hemligheter. Har du tips eller idéer? Maila till oss på, vi tar tacksamt emot all hjälp vi kan få (vi behöver den!).


    Produktkostnader (inkl. moms precis som i försäljningspriset):


    • Ulltyg: 300SEK
    • Produktion i Sverige: 356SEK
    • Hangtags, labels och detaljer: 63SEK
    • Betalkostnad: 2,5% (35SEK)
    • Totalt: 754SEK
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