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These socks are knitted in Dalsjöfors, just outside Borås (Sweden). They are made of ecologically certified merino wool, which means that they are both warm, but also that they carry away moisture in a good way. An excellent choice for both everyday, party and hiking. Does also work like a layer-1 sock in boots or wellies.


70% merino wool for heat and function, 25% lycra and 5% polyamide for stretch and durability.


Cost calculation (if you wonder why it costs what it costs):

Material & production in Sweden: 50SEK

Hangtags & details: 33SEK

Total cost: 83SEK (taxes included, as in the price of 179SEK)

The profits of each product will then cover everything else, such as rent for offices and premises, administrative costs, product photography, web costs, card fees and so on. And who knows - one beautiful day perhaps even a little pay to us who work here (we're not there yet, that's for sure). 


199,00 krPris
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