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Beautiful tote bag all made in Sweden (both fabric and production). Made out of linen from Växbo Lin and leather from Tärnsjö Garveri. The specialty over at Växbo Lin is pure linen, and they are one of few factories in the world that can present such a coherent chain of linen production. 


Up to 4000 separate threads are put together into a warp that is the basis of any weave. The threads range from 300 metres to 2 kilometres in length. The next step involves knotting the warp threads to the loom and threading them through heddles and reeds. When the loom is threaded, it is time to weave. Most of their machines are shaft looms which use the same shuttle technique as manual looms. Their oldest looms are from 1923 with pattern cards using wooden plugs. Their “newer” machines are from the 70s to the 20s and use punched cards made from plastic strips. Their looms are relatively slow, but produce linen cloth with a woven selvage, a sign of quality fabric. You are warmly welcomed to their factory to experience a unique handicraft tradition and a living Swedish textile!


Cost calculation (if you wonder why it costs what it costs):

Material/fabric: 250SEK

Production in Sweden: 350SEK

Handmade box: 113SEK 

Hangtags & details: 63SEK

Total cost: 776SEK (taxes included, as in the price of 749SEK).

The profits of each product will then cover everything else, such as rent for offices and premises, administrative costs, product photography, web costs, card fees and so on. And who knows - one beautiful day perhaps even a little pay to us who work here (we're not there yet, that's for sure). 


749,00 krPris
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