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Handmade by Gunilla Andersson

Made without a single drop of glue

Veg. tanned leather straps


Handmade birch bark bag made in Sweden by Gunilla Andersson. Gunilla goes under the name Bottnaslöjd and is a true craftsman of rank. Her fantastic birch bark bags are spread all over land and sea. I am very proud to be trusted with a couple of different models. This must be the world's best bag from a climate perspective? Only natural raw materials that can be decomposed in the best possible way without blinking. Very low climate footprint.


This bag is a little bit special. It has more worked handles made by Pelle, in our workshop. It also has special details made by darker birch bark, to contrast the handles. Very nice!


A bag like this takes about 16 hours to make and are basically a piece of art, that you also can carry around things in. Isn't it perfect when form and function goes hand in hand? All of Gunillas bags are made without a single drop of glue. What you see is what you get, no shady business in between. This is basically the real deal! 


Gunilla is always very clear with the fact that these bags are made to be used. They should just be parked at a nice shelf in the hall. The more you use it, the more the bark will darken, just like a fine leather. And no worries about rain or dirt, they can handle it. Best of all - if they should begin to burst after years of use they can easily be fixed. This is a bag for generations!


Size info:

This bag is 25cm high and 35cm wide. The inside dimension is a bit smaller of course, about 1cm. It will easily fit a bigger iPad/smaller MacBook and a bottle of wine, for the after-work.


1 999,00 krPris
  • Don't be afraid to use it, the birch bark can handle it! The natural human fats that come out when you hold- and use the bag are usually more than enough. But if you find it dry, you can use some paraffin oil on a cloth.

  • Do you wonder why it costs what it costs? 

    Feel free to send us an email and we will share our cost calculation with you! The best thing with manufacturing products locally and ethically correct is that you got nothing to be ashamed of. We don’t need to have any secrets!

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