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Special project together with Johan Åberg (also known as @dyeforindigo). Indigo dyed by hand, based on a Japanese recipe containing only indigo, chalk and iron power. A completely natural process without any dangerous or unhealthy chemicals. Dyed at the island of Brännö, located in Gothenburg's southern archipelago. 


Comes in two different shades, one a bit darker (three dips) and one a bit brighter (two dips). This is a part of the process, the indigo pigment (80 gram in this batch) is taken up by the fabric resulting in reduced efficacy over time. Both are lovely! The darker one will getting a bit more faded over time and the brighter version is like a perfectly coloured chambray fabric. Both have been rinsed and washed properly in order not to bleed, it does make them slightly brighter but more secure around white objects. EDIT: The darker one is out of stock but hey, the lighter on is just as nice and has the exact same story.


The shirt itself is sewn in Borås, by XV Production. XV Production is a group of young women who has taken the craftsmanship back to Borås - the textile centre of Sweden. This is a modern version of an old doctor's shirt/coat from France, with three pockets. The fabric is a heavy and unique, laundered linen twill, made to last a lifetime. A classic clothing item that will be passed on to your kids some day. 


The shirt is delivered in a handmade box from “Norrmalm's Kartongfabrik” in Stockholm. The small factory is a classical institution just like the legendary restaurant Tennstopet, which is actually located just next door. 


Size guide (not a fancy one but hopefully helpful):
It's large in size, if you don't want it to be over-sized, take a size smaller than usual.



Chest width (pit-to-pit): 53cm

Bottom width (side-to-side): 55cm
Center back length: 71cm



Chest width (pit-to-pit): 55cm

Bottom width (side-to-side): 57cm
Center back length: 73cm



Chest width (pit-to-pit): 57cm

Bottom width (side-to-side): 59cm
Center back length: 75cm



Chest width (pit-to-pit): 59cm

Bottom width (side-to-side): 61cm
Center back length: 77cm

Cost calculation, excluding the dyeing process. 

Material/fabric: 169SEK

Production in Sweden: 600SEK

Handmade box: 78SEK

Hangtags & details: 20SEK

Total cost: 867SEK.

DOCTOR'S SHIRT (indigo dyed)

1 499,00 krPris
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