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Classic model, never goes out of style.

Fits both male and female.

100% (new) Shetland wool.

Knitted in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Brushed for extra softness.


This sweater is a true classic. The brushed shetland sweater has been worn for decades by multible presidents, rockstars and supermodels. It's often called a "shaggy dog" sweater and got it's big break through the American brand J.PRESS, during the whole Ivy League-era. It's brushed with a brilliant brushing technique which lifts and pulls the fibres for a loose and relaxed shaggy effect. The traditional teasels, "Dipsacus Fullonum" ("Kardvädd" in Swedish) are a natural product and no man-made brush can replicate the unique brushing effects of the traditional teasel. Take a second and let it sink in. All sweaters are brushed with dried flowers. With flowers! My eyes are tearing up while thinking of it. 


It's knitted- and then brushed by skilled craftsmen in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the capital of wool garments. It's knitted out of 100% classic Shetland wool/yarn from the Shetland Islands, a subarctic archipelago of Scotland that lies in the very northeast of Great Britain. Surrounded by the great ocean and it's rough weather, this wool has been developed for centuries. 



Chest width (armpit to armpit): 45cm

Sleeve length (inner seam): 51cm

Back length (top to bottom): 65cm



Chest width (armpit to armpit): 47cm

Sleeve length (inner seam): 52cm

Back length (top to bottom): 68cm



Chest width (armpit to armpit): 51cm

Sleeve length (inner seam): 52cm

Back length (top to bottom): 70cm



Chest width (armpit to armpit): 54cm

Sleeve length (inner seam): 53cm

Back length (top to bottom): 72cm



Chest width (armpit to armpit): 57cm

Sleeve length (inner seam): 53cm

Back length (top to bottom): 73cm


Keep in mind that through this purchase you have now contributed to the crafts in both Scotland and Sweden. You have contributed and made them continue into the future, giving future generations the opportunity to hopefully learn the craft. We think that’s something that you should be very, very proud of!


1 999,00 krPris
  • Wool is a fantastic material that actually washes itself. Hang the sweater outside in the air, instead of washing it. If you were to get a stain, use hand wash. On most modern washing machines, there is a program called something like "hand washing" (30 degrees celcius) - use that one!

  • Do you wonder why it costs what it costs? 

    Feel free to send us an email and we will share our cost calculation with you! The best thing with manufacturing products locally and ethically correct is that you got nothing to be ashamed of. We don’t need to have any secrets!

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