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I honestly don't know where to begin. I get goose bumps.


This is the compliment to the comprehensive repair and re-proofing service that Barbour provided (and still does to some extent). If you were out in the fields and didn't have time or possibility to send it to the factory - this was the safety kit. It contains everything you need to easily and effectively repair rips, tears and holes. Genuine lightweight and heavyweight Barbour fabric, tartan lining, Thorrnproof Dressing, thread and even a nidle and thimble. All of whish was packed in this robust and extremely handsome tin that could be taken wherevever you go. 


This one is in M-I-N-T condition. Every piece is there and nothing has ever been used or changed. Unbelievable! I have set a ridiculously high price in order to keep it forever. Please don't buy it!


Cost calculation (if you wonder why it costs what it costs):

Cost price: £55 (circa 599SEK)

Handmade box: 66SEK 

Hangtags & details: 63SEK

Total cost: 728SEK (taxes included, as in the price of 1199SEK)

The profits of each product will then cover everything else, such as rent for offices and premises, administrative costs, product photography, web costs, card fees and so on. And who knows - one beautiful day perhaps even a little pay to us who work here (we're not there yet, that's for sure). 


999,00 krPris
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