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Oh my! Where to begin? The Solway Zipper has to be our favorite. Created as the heaviest & strongest jacket on the market and often worn by the Royal family members. Like on the picture, where Charles, Prince of Wales at Windsor, is wearing a beltless one in the early 1970s. It was also the first country sporting garment of its time to include the iconic Barbour ring pull. 


Inside the jacket is a large washable nylon game pocket, "big enough to carry a couple of birds" so you got that part covered. 


Dates: 1960-1997

Original price: £8


This one is in a tremendous shape, it's as good as new but it looks like a million dollar since it isn't. In fact, we are thinking of not selling it and taking it for ourselves instead. You basically look like a member of the Royal family while wearing it. We will defenitely wear it until someones buys it so don't hurry - but unfortunately we believe that it will go fast! 


Size info: 

On paper: "97cm / 38in" (official size stated)

Our opinion: Medium, classic medium. 

Chest: 59 cm (armhole to armhole)

Sleeve: 57cm (from shoulder point to cuff)

Back: 88 cm (from neck to bottom)


Remember that this is an actual garment measurements, please remember to allow room for some additional layers. Easiest is often to measure a garment you already have and enjoy. 


Cost calculation (if you wonder why it costs what it costs):

Cost price: £120 (circa 1386SEK)

Handmade box: 113SEK 

Hangtags & details: 63SEK

Total cost: 1562SEK (taxes included, as in the price of 2499SEK)

The profits of each product will then cover everything else, such as rent for offices and premises, administrative costs, product photography, web costs, card fees and so on. And who knows - one beautiful day perhaps even a little pay to us who work here (we're not there yet, that's for sure). 


2 499,00 krPris